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Laboratory Scientist


Foundation Research

The Athlete Brain Health Foundation are used to further advance research, education and science as it relates to long-term brain health in order to improve the quality of clinical care and patient outcomes.

Current Research

Congress Research

The International Congress for Athlete Brain Health, a cornerstone and subsidiary body of the Athlete Brain Health Foundation, brings together world-renowned healthcare professionals who work together to further advance research into various areas of brain health.

Current Research


In partnership with the Happy Healthy Brain Foundation and the Kutcher Clinic for Sports Neurology, we have been gathering data on a portable EEG device called WAVi.

WAVi is a multifaceted brain performance assessment tool engineered to measure brain health and track its changes. WAVi tests combine measures of brain response and physical response to provide a panoramic assessment of brain function. 

The study is using WAVi to measure brain voltage at baseline and again after concussion - at various recovery stages.

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