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International Congress for 
Athlete Brain Health

Patient-centric. Evidenced-based. Consensus-driven.

Our Purpose

The mission of the International Congress for Athlete Brain Health is to maximize the neurological health of all current, former and future athletes of all types and levels via objective collation and application of science, clinical experience and the patient perspective.

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Comprehensive Scope

Our scope of brain health includes, but not limited to: concussion, persisting symptoms after concussion, long-term brain health effects from playing sports, mental health, brain health promotion and injury/illness prevention.



Patients are involved in every component of the Congress; from initial planning to participation in working groups.

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Real-Time Impact

The "Congress" is an active, responsive, real-time organization that monitors science, clinical practice and patient advocacy throughout the year, with annual working CME meetings acting to build consensus and communicate recommendations.

Founding Members

What our executive committee members have in common, beyond distinguished careers, is an undeniable passion for athlete brain health. They collectively harness this passion and use it to fuel a well-measured, patient-focused, scientific and clinical effort that will benefit patients the world over.

The "Congress"

Our executive committee and all working group members are collectively referred to the "Congress."

All members of the "Congress" are selected because of a record of critical thought, objectivity, passion, and absence of strongly stated personal agenda or bias.

The "Congress"provides evidenced-based, consensus-driven recommendations for patients, their caregivers, and all relevant clinicians and researchers. The first of these series of recommendations is expected Spring 2022.

Our History

The first in-person meeting of the International Congress for Athlete Brain Health was held in October 2019 in Park City, Utah. The "Congress" intends to meet, in-person, every other year - unfortunately the pandemic has forced us to modify this schedule. 

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ATHLETE | ath  lete | noun

any person who has significant

physical or cognitive activity or performance as part of their life; 

this includes all levels of sport participation, military personnel, first responders & performance professionals.