The Athlete Brain Health Foundation supports programs and initiatives that deliver the facts, not fear.


We believe in a proactive approach to brain health and empower those to seek out and receive proper treatment -- because at the end of the day, maintaining an active lifestyle should not only be a possibility, but an expectation.


All donations and funds raised for the Athlete Brain Health Foundation are used to further advance research, education and science as it relates to long-term brain health in order to improve the quality of clinical care and patient outcomes.

Levels of Opportunity


$1 Million +

The "control panel"; front and center.

Establish a critical foundation and legacy for the future generation of clinical experts. 



Processes information from multiple sources. 

Make a difference in patient care for the future generations by funding critical time needed to update textbooks, protocols, literature and guidelines as they relate to long-term brain health.



Foundation of education; listening and speech.

Translate the latest science into educational opportunities that will impact those on the front lines of patient care.



Small, yet mighty in its visionary ability.

Unite brain health experts with patients, both with a vision to accelerate the understanding of patient needs into action.



The "little brain" is known for multi-function, precision and organization.

Support the unsung heroes (Athletic Trainers, coaches, EMS, etc.) with a scholarship fund for underserved areas and/or continuing education related to athlete brain health. 

Brain Stem

$250 & under

Connecting the brain to the rest of the body with vital life functions.  

Every dollar matters in our mission to deliver the facts, not fear. 

Small Change, Big Impact


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